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disability support
disability support

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The Disability Umbrella Group .

Welcome to  DUG.

Our Goal is to keep you informed, by sharing information, concerning other disability related groups and organisations.

News websites group links, building a solid network of friends, groups to go to when help or support is needed.    Keeping you connected to supportive people groups.

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Supporting disabilities UK and across the world, add your Group website to our website and facebook group.

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 For support groups to links to new info and personal stories,advice given freely, disabled orgs and charities keeping you in touch with what's out there We are the group for groups giving Support Groups a voice. This is a platform to express your views, concerns and ideas around disability/silent disability and how to raise awareness across Europe to also Meet and interact with others who share your condition in a supportive and friendly environment. Find the information and support you need and share your own experiences.

Disability Groups
Networking Together Today. 

Connecting with Groups worldwide. 

This website will evolve with your help.

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