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Disability News

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October 2015 

Facebook are working on a tool to help the blind see.  Techcrunch 


February 2015 

 How many hundreds has Atos Healthcare killed so far? - Michael Meacher MP

Last Thursday I used an Adjournment debate I had won in the Common ballot to raise the tragedy of one of my comnstituents, Colin Traynor.   He was diagnosed with grand mal epilepsy at the age of 14 months.   At the age of 25 in 2008, striving to be independent, he was interviewd at Oldham Jobcentre…


October 2014 


Today, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announces the introduction, for the very first time, of mental health waiting times standards. For us, this is a huge landmark in our campaign for better access to talking therapies. Your support and campaigning has helped make this happen and we’d like to say thank you very, very much.
It shows that we’re stronger together and we can make things happen. And there’s still plenty more work to be done. Let us know how you feel about the news.

 The welfare rights adviser on a mission to shame Iain Duncan Smith | Mary O’Hara

Mary O’Hara: From the frontline of benefits changes, Nick Dilworth wants to expose the fallout from this government’s ‘misconceived’ welfare reforms

 Iain Duncan Smith wants to tax disability benefits

Disability benefits could be taxed under controversial proposals reportedly being supported by Iain Duncan Smith.

September 2014 


 High street 'must improve access for disabled'

High street shops are missing out on business from more than 12 million customers across the country because they are not disabled-friendly, the government has warned. Research carried out with 1,200 people with disabilities found shopping...


When you’re living with a mental health problem, waiting too long for therapy can have a hugely negative impact on your life. But currently there is no right to access for talking therapies or any waiting times standards. We would not accept this for physical health.

This is an issue your MP can’t ignore. They need to make access to talking therapies a top policy issue going into the General Election. Write to them today and get them to take action. www.mind.org.uk/election2015

August 2014 

People with mental illnesses are exchanging stories and supporting each other.


 One in 10 do not have a close friend and even more feel unloved, survey finds

Study by relationship counsellor Relate finds a divided nation with many left...

 Obama Signs Autism Act Renewal - Disability Scoop

With little fanfare, President Barack Obama signed a reauthorization of the nation's primary autism legislation that includes more than a billion dollars in federal funding.

 Charity: Tourist sites 'not taking accessibility seriously'

A disability charity which has found that only one third of top UK tourist sites are wheelchair accessible said tourist attractions are not taking the issue seriously.

 UK 'is first country to face UN inquiry into disability rights violations' - Disability in the...

The UK government appears to have become the first country to face a...

 Conservative party members quit Cabinet ministers' seats in protest over Government policies -...

The evidence of discontent among the Conservative grassroots emerged in the...

 Living Costs: My Disability Shopping List

If anyone narrow minded goes crazy at you about the costs of disabled people on the government, please tell them this: unless death or social isolation is your thing, investing in us is not just right, but also better for everyone....


This will help a lot of people.

 9 shocking facts about mental health services in Britain

---9 shocking facts about mental health services in BritainPosted an hour ago by Dina Rickman in newsUpvoteUpvotedThe death of Robin Williams has put mental health problems in the spotlight. But the Royal College of Psychiatrists...

 Applying to uni: a guide for students with disabilities

All universities are set up for students with disabilities, but try to visit the one you choose to see for yourself

July 2014  WE have introduced a Time line for news better late than never.

 Disability is finally being included in debates about aid. About time too | James Thornberry

James Thornberry: DfID has promised to focus on disability, and it's not a...

 Funding cuts to disabled students will hit some universities hard

Cuts to the Disabled Students' Allowance have repercussions for higher...

 Call for disability benefits redesign

Tired of manually customizing all the links in your Twitter feed? Meet our super-duper feature which makes it even easier to share!

 Disabled 'Fit For Work' Assessments Flawed And Should Be Scrapped – MPs

Select committee finds that eligibility tests for benefits are inaccurate and...

 Recovery of benefits and lump sum payments and NHS charges: technical guidance - GOV.UK

This guide (Z1) is for general guidance only and should not be regarded as a...

 NIH Creates Network to Tackle Mysterious Diseases

The government is expanding its “mystery disease” program, funding a network at six universities around the country.

 Welfare News Service

News In Brief: The BBC has hired its first ever disability correspondent in the wake of allegations that BBC News is ignoring, or not giving enough attention to, disability related issues in the UK, including protests.

 Jobcentre Manager: "There Are Now Targets For Bullying Claimants Off ESA"

Many thanks to Benefits And Work for their very useful summary of a very important article....

 Prove You're Depressed, Or We'll Strip Your Benefits

Critics have expressed horror at Tory plans to make benefit claimants prove they suffer from anxiety or depression, or risk having their payments cut. Current rules mean that people cannot be forced into treatment, like...

 The Hardest Hit

Fighting cuts to support for disabled people

 Same Difference

News, Views and Information For People With Disabilities...SAME DIFFERENCE

 Patients wait too long for specialist care in the NHS

Ensuring a patient is seen quickly by a specialist could cost less than a long, drawn out treatment, says the Patient from Hell

 Guide dogs attacked by other dogs protected under new law

Owners whose dogs attack guide dogs face three years in jail under a new law.

 Cancer isn't the only disease that needs more research | Sian Lawson

Sian Lawson: Lots of serious disorders need extra funding but may lose out...


The Government's ill-treatment of the most vulnerable in our country continues with sick and disabled people waiting more than 6 months to get a decision on

 We can do more for victims of crime with disabilities

We can do more for victims of crime with disabilitiesShane KilcomminsTopics:NewsCrime & LawDirector of Public ProsecutionsEquality AuthorityInclusion IrelandIrish Council For Civil LibertiesUniversity of...

 NHS 'can save £500m' on foreign care

Up to £500m could be recovered from overseas visitors' and migrants' use of the NHS every year, ministers believe.

 Swimmer Is Fighting a Ruling: She Is Not Disabled Enough     www.nytimes.com   Victoria Arlen was ruled ineligible for Paralympics competition because officials said she had not provided conclusive evidence of a permanent eligible impairment: her doctor believes her condition may improve.

 Labour will be tougher than Tories on benefits, vows Rachel Reeves


 The People Vs The Government, DWP and Atos

The Government is discriminating against disabled people. They are breaking the law and disabled people are dying. They are living in poverty and destitution whilst being dragged through the system again and again to meet arbitrary targets. We are looking to get people together to start action again...
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