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Editors Notes 

Hello my name is Martina Yates

MY Personal Goals
Along with many 
To build a supportive Disability group ,DUG for short has been building a directory of supportive links for 3 years to offer a support service for the disabled, in Rochdale and UK.

Our goal is to inform by sharing information with other disability related groups and organisations, by doing so together we help build a network source of people groups, to go to  when there seems to be no one there to help.

 This group is for information,  news, articles, videos, reviews etc. 

 That might be of interest to disabled people, their friends, families etc. or even people who just have an interest in all things disability related.                               Please feel free to paste any articles you come across that addresses disability from any angle whatsoever. on our Facebook page inc Articles from abroad that touch on disability issues are also welcome and if anyone wants to discuss anything that has been posted, please feel free to do so. 

So enjoy the group, and please, post away!

Your News Groups Event Here 

 For those who use Ventilators who have sleep disorders


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Founders and Co Editors 

Martina Yates, Vincent Yates, Peter Heys. 

Our aim is to share information with both the disabled  public and other disability groups and disability related charities

 We are centered on helping and supporting people who have ether a disability or need to keep abreast of disability matters      

If you are a charity website or disability related group, that needs wider coverage then please contact us.  Via our Face book Group and we will help if possible.

  Please read our Facebook page
 for Current posts Thankyou. 

 http://www.disabilityumbrellagroup .com  is now a leading search engine for groups websites. facebook in the Uk  many thanks for sharing your websites groups and Caring  so much .

we keep our website Free so we can share freely.