Name of Charity Disability Umbrella Group .COM

 Date 10 August 2014

Governing Document.

Charities purposes,


The Disability Umbrella Group

The purpose of the group is to promote and share disability related information,services and groups . To provide all disability groups and disabled with news and information, online and via social media pages.

  • To create content that educates, informs and inspires. 

  • To build a Disability Directory Website data base.

  • To support and promote all disability related subjects with information to share on internet website and in social media.

Outcomes our charity is set up to achieve .

  • To construct a large Disability Directory accessible on the internet and Social media.

  • To promote all disability related organisations,groups on the internet, to share on our website and on social media pages.

  • To support disability groups in a independent social media chat room to share promote information.

  • To provide disability website building services.

  • To form a local drop in centre for disabled to chat about disability related subjects.

How The Disability Umbrella Group intends to achieve these outcomes.

The disability umbrella group is a non profit organisation,donations received goes to support services .

And will be seeking grant funding to expand disability awareness.

Grants and funding.

  • To promote the future of disability services. To assist new disability social media groups.

  • To expand disability services with a personal call in centre to meet and to share information regarding disability services available.

  • To build new start up charity websites.

  • To support and assist with new start-up websites, new mobile development ,including starting social media disability pages. On a donation or grant basis.

Who will benefit from these outcomes where the benefits extend to.

  • The disabled including care/ medical community, charity organisations, and the general public.

Trustees Powers

To promote disability services available online,

To organise fund-raising, promotional events only with all trustees approval.

To act on the charities behalf when promoting sharing disability information with organisations and general public.

Only approved Trustees can act in a financial capacity for the charity, with a majority trustee membership approval.

If you need any help getting your group Online,  maybe we can help join our Facebook page to talk. 

Who can be a Trustee

Anyone over 18 who is a responsible person.

Trustees are formed from a minimal 3 trustees, this number can be added to at meetings.

 Charity meetings and voting.

Meetings are quarterly at the end of the month beginning in April.

The chair of meetings is formed by appointed trustees, with members voting upon suggested topics with majority voting rule.

Trustee membership is yearly and trustees can be renominated via meetings voting at the end of this term including posts held by trustees.


Membership is open to all over 18 regardless of disabilities, including able bodied members.

Membership is by approval of Trustees.


Legal accounting is held by trustees who keep account of charity income and outgoings.

The Charity Bank account is held firstly by the chairperson with treasurer who both sign any cheques, the treasurer keeps an account of charity statements including book keeping ,to be raised at charity meetings. And to be made accessible to approved bodies such as government, tax officials , charity commission.

Trustee Benefits

There are no salary positions available within the charity body, and any amendments to this ruling would have to be approved at a charity meeting.

Trustees can claim reasonable expenses, for any outgoings prior approved by the chairperson, that are used for the benefit of the disability umbrella group.

These outgoings will be raised with financial matters at next available charity meeting.


Any amendments to charities governing document, can be made at meetings, there they can be added to original governing document including amendment date.


The charity can be closed with a majority vote at a charity meeting.

Any remaining assets will be returned to there funding source.