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 The Maddi's Hope is a non-profit organization whose mission is to share information and communication about Abernethy Malformation. Abernethy Malformation is a rare anomaly of the splanchnic venous system. Mesenteric and splenic venous blood bypasses the liver and drains into the renal veins or
 directly into the inferior vena cava. - See more at:


 AUTISM DADDY: The History Of Autism

I'm a 44 year old dad with an 11 year old son with severe autism (AND NOW ALSO WITH EPILEPSY, AN ADDED BONUS!!). My wife is an Autism Mommy Rock Star! But she doesn't like me RANTING about autism too much on...



  Special needs disability parenting BLOOM


Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital created BLOOM Blog to bring together the wisdom of families and professionals in childhood disability.


 Write for us! - The Caregiver Space Blog

It is a great way to share your story, spread the word about a caregiving related cause you support, or discuss a topic you are knowledgeable about. Caregivers, former caregivers, medical professionals,...


A blog about the latest disability-related news, information & trends. Disability.Blog features weekly guest bloggers from government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

 congenital central hypoventilation


 What I Want the World to Know

My name is Charisse and I have Cerebral Palsy and Ataxia. This video is different from my other videos but I made this video to spread more awareness 



This week Jayne Linney has offered to provide a guest blog on this Crippen DAO Blog page. Here's what she has to say ... "We know from the official Department for Works and Pensions (DWP) report that between January & November 2011 ten thousand, six hundred disabled people either in receipt of or aw…



A blog about the latest disability-related news, information & trends. Disability.Blog features weekly guest bloggers from government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

 Disabled Sexy Proud Blogs


" Bringing Disability Awareness To You With Style and Attitude!"


A Blog site to chat 

Disabilinet, a friendly community specifically designed for individuals with disabilities to safely engage within a social media environment

 Why Disability History Matters | Disability.Blog

A blog about the latest disability-related news, information & trends. Disability.Blog features weekly guest bloggers from government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

 Providing a Dog Powered Adaptive Experience | Disability.Blog



DisABLEd Positive parent

A blog for disabled parents,written to share advice on independent parenting using high street baby equipment and clothes etc.

 Disability ADA Lets Talk Personal Blog on Facebook

Disability - ADA "let's talk"


 The Eloquent Woman: 12 famous speeches by women on disability

Inspiration, ideas and information to help women build public speaking content, confidence and credibility. Denise Graveline is a Washington, DC-based...




 Told She'd Only Live 3 Months, 54 years later Woman with Hypophosphatasisa Shares Incredible Story

Born in 1960 with broken bones and a large fontanel they knew something...


 Potent herb tea for hypertension and poor circulation | Self Healing Therapies (中医验方)


Reflections from a guy with cerebral palsy




Jemma A.H. Brown and this is my website, I am a freelance writer and BA (hons) Journalism student.





 Me and my Aphasia: Volunteers make life good and worthwhile


MIND  blogs


Read Emmie's blog about how university affected her mental health http://ow.ly/BRIN9


Rosie shares her experience of loneliness and mental health. Read her story and share your experiences: http://bit.ly/1u0rUg5


You may have been following the story about Joy, the clothes store, over the weekend. Laura from our communications team shares her experiences in an open letter to the company about their products and response to the issue on social media:http://bit.ly/1uSEtZW





A blog devoted to Sharina's thoughts, which she uses to help inspire others to live life to the fullest.
Push Goddess | A Bit of Inspiration

 People First England




 Fighting congenital anomalies and rare diseases with information | Public health matters

The official blog of Public Health England, providing insight and commentary on...


  Sara’s Story: Disabled; Asthmatic; and, Being kicked out of her own home. | Chronic Lung Alliance -.In my travels through the world of Social Media COPD support groups, I have had the good fortune of meeting Sara, the author of this guest blog. If I am not mistaken, she fell prey to my sense of humor when she joined the 

 Lazy? No, just disabled... life with an invisible impairment

Guest post by Carol, an administration manager from Leeds. Carol has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, an invisible impairment, and has shared her experiences as...


 When your special needs child becomes a special needs teen

My daughter's body is changing. But inside, she remains a child.



  When Talking Hurts | Disability.Blog A Blog about the latest disability related news information USODEP BLOGS GOVDELIVERY.COM

 Considerations for Dating Someone in a Wheelchair

Are you questioning whether or not dating someone with a disability is right for you? It's a good question to ask! There are things in your lifestyle that need to be taken into consideration before...


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