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disability Benefits

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 Government In Court Over Disability Benefit Changes

Court proceedings begin in Birmingham to determine whether the Government’s decision to change the eligibility criteria for the disability benefit Personal Independence Payment (PIP) was unlawful.

 Disabled People Against Cuts Occupy Westminster

DPAC led an attempted occupation of the front grounds of Westminster supported by Occupy London and UKUncut to highlight the government's scraping of the £30...


Carers are classed as unemployed yet they get payed less than current...


Crowdsourced research reveals strong opposition to disability benefit reform | Blog | False Economy

Freedom of Information-based research finds that Government misled MPs and Peers over hostility to disability benefit reform

Housing payments guide.

changes to work capability assesments, welfare news.com 

  Read on to find out how to apply.

 Concerning any Medical assesment by The DHS , 
you need to attend any appointments given. yet it is in your best interest to not agree, to unqualified, staff assessing your rate of disability.                                                                 There is no legal standing as long as you do not agree to a assesment by a unqualified. staff.
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Rethink.org mental illness, benefits rating bill

 Ever since the SSA had first introduced its first listing of Compassionate Allowances conditions, more and more conditions have been being added to 

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